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Enlighten Coatings provides the most advanced and durable engineered surfaces for magnesium, aluminum, and titanium alloys. These engineered surfaces provide wear and corrosion resistance and enable the lightweight metals to be used in places where they couldn't be used before.

Eliminate the "Eggshell Effect"

Enlighten Coatings provides the most durable coatings for lightweight metals on the market. Our proprietary coating technology can greatly improve load capacity and eliminate the "eggshell effect" that occurs with traditional coating technologies when applied to lightweight metals.

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Enlighten Coatings can prevent the "eggshell" effect on lightweight metals..

Find the Missing Piece

Enlighten coatings can help you complete the puzzle of reducing component weight through use of their proprietary coating technology for aluminum, magnesium, and titanium alloys.
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Reaching for the Skies

Enlighten Coatings provides engineered surfaces for the lightweight metals used in the most demanding applications in aerospace and automotive industries.

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Enlighten Coatings can prevent the "eggshell" effect on lightweight metals..

Our Team​​

Dr. Brandon Strahin

Dr. Brandon Strahin is President and Founder of Enlighten Coatings. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Akron where he studied surface treatment technologies at the Timken Engineered Surfaces Laboratories. He began his career designing custom machinery for the metals industry through Butech Bliss and was tasked with materials research for new cutting tools used for Advanced High-Strength Steels. Prior to founding Precision Surface Science, Dr. Strahin was Chief Operating Officer at Akron Research and Technology where he held the responsibility of developing new surface technologies for the defense industry.

Dr. Gary Doll

Dr. Gary L. Doll is Timken Professor of Surface Engineering at the University of Akron and the Director of the Timken Engineered Surface Laboratories. He was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology prior to becoming a staff scientist at the General Motors Research Laboratories in Warren, Michigan.  Prior to joining the University of Akron, Dr. Doll was the Timken Company’s Chief Technologist of Tribology and Next Generation Materials where he held the responsibility for developing technologies to enable new products and new market opportunities.  After moving to the University in 2011, he has continued the identification and linkage of new technologies to meet market demands through consulting agreements with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Doll was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering and he is a fellow of ASM International and of the Society for Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.  He has published more than 300 articles in archival journals, edited several reference books, and has delivered numerous invited lectures. 

Advisory Board

Elyse Ball

Legal Advisor

Art Greenberg

Business Advisor

Betsy Engels

Commercialization Advisor

Ray Yoder

Financial & Management Advisor

Mission Statement

Our purpose at Enlighten Coatings is to provide engineered surfaces that help provide a cleaner and safer world. We are the lightweight material experts. We provide the most durable engineered surfaces available for lightweight materials. We use knowledge and our proprietary process to produce solutions that other can’t.