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We are the industry’s lightweight material coating experts.

Enlighten Coatings has engineered a proprietary process that increases service life of parts found in marine, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our coating provides the most durable surfaces available for lightweight materials made of magnesium, aluminum, and titanium alloys.


Features of our engineered coatings:

  • Decrease overall product weight
  • Increase service life of coated parts
  • Decrease wear issues associated with galling, sliding and abrasion
  • Reduce corrosion severity

We use our years of industry knowledge to produce solutions that are more robust than anything currently available on the market.

These engineered surfaces enable the lightweight metals to be used in places where they couldn't be used before.

Eliminate the "Eggshell Effect"

Our proprietary coating greatly improves load capacity and eliminates the "eggshell effect" that occurs on lightweight metals with traditional coating technologies.

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Founded by two PhD engineers, Enlighten Coatings has over 40 years of experience helping large and small companies solve their wear and corrosion needs.

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